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What is Elect Different?

ElectDifferent.com is a directory of third party candidates running for political office to help voters see what options they have besides republicrats and democrans.

Why is this important?

The two party system is broken. Every election cycle we vote for two sides of the same coin, and usually we end up voting for the politician or party we hate the least rather than the one we believe represents our interests the most. Once in office both parties bicker and filibuster, trying to gain political points for themselves and preventing any meaningful progress for our cities, states, and nation.

No two parties, especially the current democrats and republicans, can truly represent the diversity of ideas and beliefs of the American people. By supporting alternatives to the status quo, third party candidates, we can help shift public debate, bring new ideas into government, and try to make a positive impact on a deeply flawed system.

What can I do?

You can start by finding third party candidates who better represent your beliefs here on Elect Different. Smaller parties and campaigns often do not have the large budgets and resources as the main parties. They need your support either in donations or volunteer hours. This is especially true for local campaigns, but these are often the races where third party candidates have the best chance of getting elected and for making a real impact in your city.

Other Resources

There are a lot of resources on the internet to help you stay informed on what our government is doing, what officials are saying versus how they are actually voting, if they are even telling you the truth, and importantly who is lining their pockets.

Kick Them All Out
Fire congress. Why should they keep their jobs when they do it so badly?
Sunlight Foundation
Making tools to help make government more transparent on the web
The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained
Unfortunately due to our current voting system multiple parties will always reduce down to two as this video explains.
Project Vote Smart
Unbiased information including voting records and campaign finances on candidates running for office and government officials.
Another site trying to make congress more transparent.
Keep track of congress and what they are doing.
Separate the truth from the lies from the media and our leaders
Similar to FactCheck, see who is telling the truth and who isnt.
On the Issues
Where does every political leader stand on the issues?
Where is the money in politics?

Who made this?

This site was designed and built by Andrew Laskey. I am a software and web-developer in San Diego who wants to see some real change in our political system.

This site wouldn't have been possible without the tools, resources, and help from the Lost Type Co-op, Subtle Patterns, Pears, Favicon Generator, jQuery Live Form Validation, and Verot.net class.upload.php.

March of Tyranny

March of Tyranny by Ben Garrison

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Green Party Newsletter Sept. 2010

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Purple America

Divided Senate at State of the Union

A divided, broken senate. Image source